I started out in college as an art major but got sidetracked and ended up with a BA in Philosophy.  After a break of several years, I went back to school and graduated with a BFA in printmaking from the University of Kansas in 1980.  Without printmaking equipment at home, I switched to painting in oils which was my medium of choice for about fifteen years.  I had a studio in my home and worked part-time while raising three children.  I started using oil pastels alternatively with oil paints and liked the direct hands-on feel of the medium.  Eventually I gave up painting altogether and focused entirely on working in oil pastels.

After two of my children had left for college, I decided to change directions and go back to school too.  My family moved to Boston for several years and I attended Boston University where I earned a Masters Degree in Art History. 

Currently I divide my time between teaching Art History at Washburn University, doing research on nineteenth-century Kansas artists and Kansas history and doing my art work.  I still have a studio in my home which is large enough to accommodate all my books, desk and research stuff, art equipment, drafting table, business desk and an old fainting couch where our sheltie usually sleeps and keeps me company.